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NPG Adult Video Mini Meiki Nao Jinguji Onahole

NPG Adult Video Mini Meiki Nao Jinguji Onahole
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  • NPG   型號 139083
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Now you can get closer to experiencing that holy grail with the Adult Video Mini Meiki Nao Jinguji Onahole, a compact stroker with realistically rendered skin on the outside and subtle labia that you'll love touching with your fingers and rubbing with your penis before entry. The masturbator toy, which features the JAV star's waist on the top of the sleeve, is soft and floppy, so you can really yank and stretch it to get the right fit around your penis. Lube up and slide inside Nao Jinguji's vagina: you push through the canal over the slight curve and along the walls textured with delicate bumps that rub you all over. Further inside, her vagina tightens and the large cluster of bumps on the top add extra doses of friction until you hit the far end of her pussy: a sweet uterus that squeezes you until you pop your payload inside Nao Jinguji's body.

NPG Adult Video Mini Meiki Nao Jinguji Onahole - Adult Loving


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