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Rends Liquid onaclean

Rends Liquid onaclean
Rends Liquid onaclean
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  • Rends   型號 746613

A liquid version of "Onaclean", which has been popular with many Onaho lovers as "the world's first detergent for Onaho"!

Similar to the conventional powder type, it is a biodegradable cleaner that is 100% additive-free and sticks to naturally derived ingredients, and is friendly to both Onaho and the global environment.

The narrow nozzle makes it easy to inject deep into the masturbator and can be handled smartly with one hand, making it easier to use than the powder type.

If you remove the film on the printed surface, it will become familiar with daily necessities and will be ready in the bathroom or bathroom without hesitation.

Mannan scrub, which was also popular with powder, gently rinses the inside of the delicate Onaho.

This organic konjac-derived massage agent has excellent elasticity and oil-adsorbing properties, and because the surface is spherical, it efficiently scrapes dirt without damaging the material.

Furthermore, alum acts on the slimy lotion stains, and papain enzyme acts on the male extract, which is a protein.

It also contains aloe and yuzu, which are good for the hands when washing, and the grapefruit seeds also have a sterilizing and deodorizing effect.

In addition, the liquid type also supports "soaking and washing".

Fill a bowl or basin with water containing detergent, and soak the item you want to wash (other than Onaho) for about 30minutes.

Finally, it's OK if you rinse it thoroughly with running water.

It can be used for a wider range of goods maintenance such as dildos and anal plugs, so it is more versatile than the powder type.


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