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Rends Ona Cloth

Rends  Ona Cloth
Rends Ona Cloth
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  • Rends   型號 746194

Instantly dry your masturbator with this super absorbing microfiber fabric!

Isn’t it a bother to drain your masturbator every time after use? Sure it is and to solve that problem here is our new product Ona Cloth.

Ona Cloth is made out of a super absorbing microfiber fabric that instantly takes care of any remaining water in your masturbator.

Just wipe and it’s nice and clean within seconds. The package also comes with a reasonable and satisfying two piece-set.

Normally after you have washed your masturbator you have to put it somewhere to drain for some time and if you are living with your family this can be very dangerous. You don’t want your mother running into your room finding it… and for times such as those if you use this product no worries are needed as it gets done in the blink of an eye, and you are safe from any awkward moments.

The secret of Ona Cloth is the water-absorbing microfiber fabric, which is made in japan by a manufacturer that conducted tests after tests to make the ultimate material for us. You don’t even have to wipe hard, just stroke your masturbator with it softly and that’s it.

Of course it can be used for all kind of masturbators, everything from big ones to small ones – and all you need is one sheet.

For people who want to fast hide their use of masturbators to their family or partner Ona Cloth is highly recommended.

Ona Cloth is the newest product in our “Convenient goods for masturbation”-series.


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