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Orgie Orgasm Drops Intense 30 ml

Orgie Orgasm Drops Intense 30 ml
Orgie Orgasm Drops Intense 30 ml
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  • Orgie   型號 351966
  • 保質期至: 2025/05

Would you like to experience an even more intense orgasm than ever before? Orgasm Drops Intense from Orgie will spice up your intimate moments at the first drop! After applying the oil, the sensitivity of your clitoris will increase, and you will be able to enjoy its warming effects until you reach climax. It is suitable for seductive partner play or intimate moments alone. Unlike other Orgie products, this oil does not contain clove essential oil, so it does not have a trace of the characteristic clove taste. It will delight you with its sweet, delicate aroma of red apple. The glass dropper bottle makes application easy, and the 30 ml pack will give you approximately 150 doses. Start with one or two drops and add more if needed. Apply the oil directly to your clitoral area and enjoy the intense sensations of heat and arousal. Discover the magic of the Brazilian formula with extracts from the plants of the Amazon rainforest.

Orgie Orgasm Drops Intense 30 ml - Adult Loving


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