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NanKou Fraction Tsundere Schoolgirl Onahole

NanKou Fraction Tsundere Schoolgirl Onahole
NanKou Fraction Tsundere Schoolgirl Onahole
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She's cold and unfriendly until you crack her hard shell and get her into bed! The NanKou Fraction Tsundere Schoolgirl Onahole is a masturbator toy with a unique blend of soft and hard materials (almost like an onacup but without sacrificing the realism of a pocket pussy stroker). The interior is gentle and a delight to penetrate, guiding your cock along a straight vagina packed with folds and pleats. The exterior is designed for durability and reducing odor and dirt.

NanKou Fraction Tsundere Schoolgirl Onahole - Adult Loving


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