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Girls Party Fan Fun Trump Cards 3 pcs

Girls Party Fan Fun Trump Cards 3 pcs
Girls Party Fan Fun Trump Cards 3 pcs
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Introducing Japanese AV actress Girl's Party Fan Fun Trump playing cards, including the most popular sexy actresses! Come and collect them! The first launch includes 312 types of SR52, R104, and N156. SR has a gorgeous stamped signature! Card holograms change according to rarity, and each poker card is engraved with a serial number, making it the only card in the world that you own! Actress lineup: Shoko Takahashi, Kojima Minami, Kaede Karen, Nao Jinguji, Nozomi Ishihara, Momozono Reina, Kawakita Saika, Miru, Kano Yura, Ito Mayuki, Kami Anna, Julia Yoshine, Aoi Kururugi! Photos were shot with actress wearing erotic lingerie! 1 pack contains 3 playing cards at random.

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