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Delay Spray

Delay Spray - Works proactively and effectively against premature ejaculation. These Prodoucts usually gently numb the penis and reduce sensitivity. Last longer in bed and make her happy!

Man Soul Men's Vigour Care Wipes - Four in One: Experience a night pulsating with energy and desire. Super-concentra..
HK$ 148.00
Man's Soul Men's Vitality Moist Wipes - Fire (On-Set Tough Guy)Indulge in an entire night of pride, desire, and inte..
HK$ 128.00
Explore Nan Hun Men's Vitality Wet Wipes - Mountain (For Homosexuals). Just like a sharp sword, your pride is our co..
HK$ 128.00
Explore Nan Hun Men's Vitality Wet Wipes - Lin (Personal Use), where self-training cultivates ideal confidence! No m..
HK$ 128.00
Nan Hun Men's Vitality Moisturizing Wipes - Wind, designed specifically for men's quick delay. Utilizing unique phys..
HK$ 128.00
Eros Delay Power Concentrate is a delay gel for men that has no numbing ingredients. After applying to the penis, it..
HK$ 158.00
Male Ejaculation Delay Organic gel The water base and ingredients of natural origin won’t interfere with the materi..
HK$ 158.00
This spray has arnica and clove as the main ingredients, ideal for stimulating the penis. These substances are revit..
HK$ 138.00
Play and Joy PJ1 Power Man Long Lasting Delay Spray 15ml is based on traditional Chinese medicine and contains herba..
HK$ 425.00
Bijoux Indiscrets. Many couples seek a milder 'Fire & Ice' sensation effect to enjoy lovemaking. Therefore, Shun..
HK$ 250.00
Formulated with high quality silicone, Xtra Time Delay Serum creates a protection pellicle on the penis, reducing th..
HK$ 168.00
pjur® med PRO-LONG spray with oakbark extract for external use on the penis. The active ingredient tannic acid deriv..
HK$ 248.00