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Medium anime-themed toys

Medium anime-themed adult toys are the perfect compromise between size and experience. These toys offer a more realistic feel than the small toys while retaining a relatively lightweight characteristic. Medium toys typically feature more intricate designs, with complex internal structures and textures that mimic real sexual experiences. Due to their size, these toys can provide a more profound stimulation while ensuring ease of grip and maneuverability.

Student Council President Virgin Onahole
New Back Soon
The Student Council President Virgin Onahole lets you enjoy the sweet and delightful pussy of a virginal J..
HK$ 298.00
The 22 Hand Catgirl Pussy and Breasts Onahole invites you to run your hands over the slender waist and tits of a cat..
HK$ 388.00
Just when we thought the Toy's Heart Seven Teen series of JK schoolgirl masturbators couldn't get any better, along ..
HK$ 298.00
The Mashiro-chanchi Ultra-Soft Onanhole is a fabulously soft and voluptuous toy that you can really stretc..
HK$ 298.00
The fourth entry in the immensely popular Toy's Heart series of female magician-themed masturbator toys, the Wa..
HK$ 398.00
Toys Heart Babumi Big Onahole
Back Soon
The original Babumi by Toy's Heart became a bestseller for a very good reason: it brilliantly replicated the kinky f..
HK$ 298.00
R20 Fourth Generation Onahole R20 Fourth Generation Onahole
Hot Back Soon
Toy's Heart have updated their classic R-20 onahole to this new and improved "fourth" generation version. The R..
HK$ 348.00
The Just Right Motto Onahole more than lives up to its name: this is a masturbator toy that is just the ri..
HK$ 328.00
The Lustful Maid Zorihida Vagina Onahole is a medium-soft masturbator toy with a pussy that is here to ser..
HK$ 238.00
The Giji Chitsu Narrow Hole Finish Onahole is, as the name cheekily suggests, a pocket pussy with an especially tigh..
HK$ 238.00
She's cold and unfriendly until you crack her hard shell and get her into bed! The NanKou Fraction Tsundere Sch..
HK$ 398.00
Boasting a seamless blend of soft and hard materials, the NanKou Fraction Female School Council President Onaho..
HK$ 398.00