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Anime Breast Sex

This toy imitates the breasts of anime characters, used to simulate the feeling of breast sex. It's usually made of soft, elastic materials, such as medical-grade silicone or TPE, which can wrap around you tightly, providing you with extra stimulation and pleasure.

Designed specifically for those with an armpit fetish, this male masturbator allows you to experience the genuine fe..
HK$ 1,588.00
Indulge in the allure of exclusive, massive breasts! Utterly astonishing, surpassing all standards! This mammoth bre..
HK$ 1,398.00
Magic Eyes Healing Marshmallow Bust
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Embark on a journey through a narrow and winding passage, experiencing the organic and intimate folds. This 14cm-lon..
HK$ 599.00
What's better than a paizuri titjob toy? A powered paizuri toy! The Shaking Breasts Powered Paizuri Titjob Toy&..
HK$ 1,480.00
The Battle of Bust Onhime Rebellion Breasts are a pair of E-cup breasts that are a joy to behold and even better to ..
HK$ 1,298.00
With pert, erect nipples and softly textured skin, the Funwari Tanned Paizuri Bakunyu Mega Breasts are a s..
HK$ 980.00
Expertly and lovingly crafted using 3D CAD technology, the Real Body Kiwami Nama Chichi Venus Breasts are ..
HK$ 998.00
Sandwich your cock between the two boobs of the Real Body Kiwami Nama Chichi Fantasy Ultimate Raw Breasts ..
HK$ 1,980.00
Real Body 3D Bone System Huge Breasts Kanon Kitaoji Real Body 3D Bone System Huge Breasts Kanon Kitaoji
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The Real Body 3D Bone System Huge Breasts Kanon Kitaoji features a spine for extra torso rigidity, allowin..
HK$ 4,280.00
DNA Ultimate Gokujo Amazing Japanese Breasts
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The Gokujo Amazing Japanese Breasts are not just a fantastic paizuri titjob fetish toy, they are a whole n..
HK$ 2,450.00
Dreaming of a sporty girl with big breasts? The Real Body 3D Bone System Anja Kiljan will give you all you..
HK$ 3,380.00
The Real Body 3D Bone System Sex Doll Glamorous Bust You Youjiang is a 1/1-scale torso doll-masturbator to..
HK$ 3,380.00