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Accessories - Onahole warmers and other accessories

TENGA, one of Japan's largest men's health care and supplies brands, has launched a revolutionary new product-"TENGA..
HK$ 100.00
Japan's well-known masturbator cup Tenga brand has launched a special cup chocolate. The appearance is the same as t..
HK$ 100.00
Sensfeel For Man Pheromone Perfume – Exhale Attraction Sexual pheromone is a set of odorless and imperceptible s..
HK$ 328.00
Produced by one of Japan's top adult toy brands, the G Project Hole Quick Dry PVA Sponge Stick for Onaholes II&..
HK$ 138.00
From one of the biggest brands in the Japanese adult toys industry, the G Project Hole Bag for Storing Masturba..
HK$ 128.00
The perfect solution for swamp crotch on those sweaty summer days, the Tenga Vio Men's Sheet is a pack of ..
HK$ 58.00
The G Project Hole Clean Brush hits all those tricky-to-reach crevices of your favorite onahole, ensuring ..
HK$ 158.00
The Toy's Heart Onahole Maintenance Kit contains all the basic tools you need to keep your onahole clean a..
HK$ 198.00
A treat for his member! Skin-friendly penis care spray for long and steamy nights that contains nourishing jojoba an..
HK$ 189.00
A new habit called "Penicare"! Have you ever felt the dryness of your skin after playing? A new moisturizing cream f..
HK$ 228.00
A new and enhanced version of the previous model, the USB Onahole Warmer by Rends will heat the deep insid..
HK$ 88.00
The Onahole Warmer and Diatomaceous Earth Stick Set is the perfect partner to your masturbator collection...
HK$ 198.00