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The Secret was created especially for the female audience, it is the synthesis of functionality and seduction that combines everything a woman needs (and wishes!) in an unique and remarkable product. On top of all its sensual appeal, The Secret yet reveals 10 (ten) reasons for you to always have yours: it is skin moisturizer, hair UV-protector, split end repairer, anti-frizz and detangling, protects the coloring, shiness, softness, body and volume of your hair; it has aphrodisiac scent, active pheromones and a delicate satin touch. Its formulation is made with active pheromones that will sharpen your powerful femininity inspired by an exotic sensuality. It has a satin touch that when applied on the body evokes the irresistible attraction of a second soft and scented skin.

An exclusive Orgie product.

adultloving - Orgie THE SECRET ELIXIR


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