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Space TENGA Robo

Space TENGA Robo
Space TENGA Robo
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  • Tenga   型號 141476

With love and freedom, TENGA Robo sets off for the cosmos. The pal in your pocket TENGA Robo is ascending to new heights in a mission to outer space. This is a commemorative item for the TENGA Rocket Project. The TENGA Robo included with this product features the same design as the TENGA Robo that will ride in the real life TENGA Rocket. The TENGA Robo looks like a normal TENGA, but completely transforms into robot form! A special spacesuit to display on TENGA Robo is included. With love, freedom and dreams all on board, TENGA Robo is setting out into the great unknown. May TENGA Robo encourage and inspire you! Set Contents: TENGA Robo Special Spacesuit Painted non-scale transforming toy. Approximately 110mm in height (in robot form).

Space TENGA Robo - Adult Loving


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About the Product TENGA's unique air-cushion technology, this product uses no internal foam making it hygienic for reuse! Brand new airflow stru..
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