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Breast Stroker

Breast Stroker - Durable with a realistic feel

Soft & sensual for optimal pleasure

This is a highly limited edition, ultra soft pair of Japanese breasts on par with the assets of your favorite JAV stars. Developed by local adult toys wholesaler Daimaoh as an original toy for their own fantasies, the Busty Ai-chan is for the guy who likes Japanese tits with a bit of bounce.If you a..
Great news for big tits lover, you will love the Real Body Kiwami Namachichi Infinity Ultimate Raw Breasts. This pair of huge and realistically rendered breasts will dazzle you with their true-to-life texture and the immense potential they offer for paizuri titty sex. Made with 3D CAD technolog..
The Real Body Ultimate Breasts are a life-sized F-cup with nipples to die for. Created from a 3D CAD model of an actual bust, the incredibly realistic toy is ideal for paizuri action, groping, and squeezing. The production was overseen by a designer with long experience in the adult video ..
日本NPG推出的L CUP沖田杏梨大乳房,乳頭特別凸出,滿吹您對沖田杏奶的幻想 波波尺寸23CM*13.5CM*11CM,重達1.67KG. 粉紅又凸出的乳頭.深長的事業線,帶比您逼真的乳交感覺 日本製造..
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