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Breast Stroker

Breast Stroker - Durable with a realistic feel. Soft & sensual for optimal pleasure.  Titties masturbator makes it possible to own a pair of sexy breasts.

Most masturbator has a very lifelike design and it is completely made of soft and flexible material that feels like real tits.

G Project Pururun Tennen Oppai J Cup Breasts
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Whoever claimed that Japanese girls have small breasts was lying! The Pururun Tennen Oppai Breasts are a t..
HK$ 3,280.00
With pert, erect nipples and softly textured skin, the Funwari Tanned Paizuri Bakunyu Mega Breasts are a s..
HK$ 980.00
Expertly and lovingly crafted using 3D CAD technology, the Real Body Kiwami Nama Chichi Venus Breasts are ..
HK$ 998.00
Modelled on a highly detailed 3D scan of the AV industry's hottest young star, the Japanese Real Oppai Anzai Rara Pa..
HK$ 1,880.00
Perfect if you can't decide if you love breasts or pussy more, the Hybrid Bakunyu-chan Paizuri Bust and Holes&n..
HK$ 1,580.00
Rub your member between the perfect orbs of the Binyu Beautiful Breasts G-Cup Paizuri Bust until you blow ..
HK$ 680.00
Sandwich your cock between the two boobs of the Real Body Kiwami Nama Chichi Fantasy Ultimate Raw Breasts ..
HK$ 1,980.00
Modeled on a highly detailed 3D scan of the AV industry's hottest young star, the Nidaime Gokujyou Nama-Chichi ..
HK$ 1,280.00
If you thought that Japanese breasts couldn't be big, think again. The Bakunyu Explosive Breasts Shape G-cup So..
HK$ 880.00
The Gokujo Amazing Japanese Breasts are not just a fantastic paizuri titjob fetish toy, they are a whole n..
HK$ 2,450.00
This is a highly limited edition, ultra soft pair of Japanese breasts on par with the assets of your favorite JAV st..
HK$ 2,480.00
Great news for big tits lover, you will love the Real Body Kiwami Namachichi Infinity Ultimate Raw Breasts. Thi..
HK$ 1,599.00