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Arousal Ecstasy - items to help sexual stimulation and Arousing desire

Intensify your orgasm with HOT O-STIMULATION GEL for women. For even more enjoyment and pleasure.Made of selected ingredients. Especially for HER.It will help you make your love life even more pleasurable and lush.Orgasms intensity blood circulation and help you deal with stress and relax...
pjur®med PRO-LONG delay serum for men – for longer pleasure. Reduces the sensitivity – but not the sensation! The serum enhances smoothness and sheathes the penis as a protective film, thus lessening excessive sensibility without any numbing effect. Safe with condoms. Ideal in combination with all p..
pjur® med PRO-LONG spray with oakbark extract for external use on the penis. The active ingredient tannic acid derived from oakbark has an astringent (= contracting) effect. In combination with panthenol, this enables a calming skin sensation and therefore reduces hypersensitivity.Delay spray for me..
Intense Clitoral Arousal SerumIntimate Earth™ understands that not all women are created  the same. Some women need an extra boost. INTENSE™  Clitoral Gel has a higher concentration of natural Japanese peppermint oil than  the GENTLE™ Clitoral Gel. Can  be used for clitoral forep..
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