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Jex Zone Condom 10pcs

Jex Zone Condom 10pcs
Jex Zone Condom 10pcs
有現貨  可使用 4900 積分購買
  • JEX   型號 030722
  • 保質期至: 03-2025

Experience a sensation like no other before!?

The JEX original "Stealth Jelly" eliminates the discomfort and pain when in use. Just like hiding, experience the best non-latex original feeling like never before by adding double amount of jelly to the latex, and it is 3 times more adhesive!
Its 130% excellent flexibility has greatly reduced the friction by 67%, comparing with Polyurethane 0.01 and 0.02 products. Jex always strive to pass repeated testing and verification, and finally produced the highly praised stealth jelly condom - "ZONE"!

Jex Zone Comdom 12pcs

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