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Sex can be uncomfortable if you don't have the right condom fit. Condoms - Large Size,  are intended for men who feel that current regular sized condoms are too small. When you wear the right size condom, you're much more likely to prevent slippage and enjoy sex much better.

Features of SKYN King Size CondomSKYN condoms are made with SKYNFEEL®, a revolutionary material that is noticea..
HK$ 139.00
Features of SKYN Premium iR CondomSKYN condoms are made with SKYNFEEL®, a revolutionary material that is notice..
HK$ 139.00
Super slim condom by Okamoto, 37mm diameter. The fit feeling gives you 100% satisfaction. With the odor masker techn..
HK$ 128.00
Experience a sensation like no other before ! The JEX original "Stealth Jelly" eliminates the discomfort and pain wh..
HK$ 68.00
Condoms made by My.Size provide a safe and natural feeling. The comfort and the sensual intensity is very highly rat..
HK$ 98.00
Sagami Original 0.02 L-size Pack PU Condom 10pcs
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0.02 that change your life! Non-latex condom. The new breakthrough of softness in sagami original 0.02. 14% thinner..
HK$ 158.00
As the name suggests, Okamoto's condom "001 (OKAMOTO ZERO ONE)" are our thinnest condom ever, at just 0.01 millimete..
HK$ 68.00
Large size is recommended for people who do not like tightening condomsLarge size men and women are made happy with ..
HK$ 58.00
Okamoto 0.03 L Size 10PCS: as thin as 0.03mm, yet very flexible and durable. It bases on the success the popularity ..
HK$ 138.00
This is a large size version of Okamoto 0.02 condom. The pinnacle of condom technology, they let you both reach the ..
HK$ 88.00