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Cleansing & Hygiene - Proper cleaning of sex toys is essential to avoid bacterial infection

Save your body – clean your toys! Hygiene at its best! For cleaning all love toys as well as all types of love dolls. The balanced formula ensures that HOT BIO Cleaner can be used with any suitable materials...
Keep your Fleshlight squeaky clean and fresh with this handy 100ml antibacterial toy cleaning spray. If you own a Fleshlight, then this cleansing wash is a must-have! Designed to be used after every use, it can keep your Fleshlight bacteria-free and hygienic, making it super fresh and long-last..
Manscaping is more important to your partner than you may think!  Although some may be a fan of going "au naturale," most prefer a neat and clean appearance.Plus, keeping your pubic area trimmed is going to help you reach your male enhancement goals!To be able to use the Bathmate range of pumps..
Ensure your Bathmate pump, other PE equipment and sex toys are as clean as a whistle!Bathmate Clean is a misting Bathmate pump cleaner, that can also be used on all of your sex toys!  Bathmate clean:Is safe to use on plastic, metal, latex, rubber and siliconeIs alcohol-freeWill ensure your Bath..
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