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Delay Spray

Delay Spray - Works proactively and effectively against premature ejaculation. These Prodoucts usually gently numb the penis and reduce sensitivity. Last longer in bed and make her happy!

Ensures long-lasting and intense pleasure!With a delayed effect. All EROS products are exclusively made in Germany...
HK$ 198.00
To meet the demanding segment of products with the purpose of increasing the time and pleasure of the man, we develo..
HK$ 158.00
Bijoux Indiscrets. Many couples seek a milder 'Fire & Ice' sensation effect to enjoy lovemaking. Therefore, Shun..
HK$ 250.00
Touro XXXL - Taurine Power Cream is unique and better than other gels to potentiate erections. Its formula contains ..
HK$ 198.00
Formulated with high quality silicone, Xtra Time Delay Serum creates a protection pellicle on the penis, reducing th..
HK$ 168.00
pjur® med PRO-LONG spray with oakbark extract for external use on the penis. The active ingredient tannic acid deriv..
HK$ 248.00
TauriX extra strong is the cream for the penis and the testicles containing Taurine and Muira Puama. Precious active..
HK$ 258.00
The intense «fire and ice sensation» for lovers. This exclusive formula made from natural extracts helps men unleash..
HK$ 250.00
Eros Prolong 101 man is a care spray for prolonged an intense enjoyment during love play. Refreshes and is gentle to..
HK$ 210.00
Top Level 3: EROS Extended Love Top Level 3 ensures very long-lasting fun during loveplay.The care spray makes ..
HK$ 238.00