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Candles can be used to help set an erotic atmosphere and can be used in sex play. We offer a collection of erotic and massage candles. 

Arouse all your senses, with this luxurious Massage Candle, designed with your indulgence in mind. The sensuous Bord..
HK$ 128.00
Shunga 按摩精油香氛蠟燭,既是蠟燭,又是香薰油,為戀人之間的感情加溫加熱。抒壓的精油香氣,加上柔弱燭光,緊繃的心情瞬間得到抒解,蠟燭融化後變成溫暖的液體按摩油,用來在戀人皮膚上按摩,光滑如絲綢般的觸感,讓對方身體肌肉得到最極致..
HK$ 178.00 HK$220.00