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Total Lockdown Leather Hood

Total Lockdown Leather Hood
Total Lockdown Leather Hood
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Enjoy a stimulating bondage session with this Total Lockdown Leather Hood

Whether you wish to be the topic of discussion at a bondage party or you want to make sure that bondage play with your partner is at its highest level, consider picking up the Total Lockdown Leather Hood. This hood provides many different ways to have your partner during bondage play so you can create the scene that you desire.

The hood includes metallic rings around the eyes and the mouth. The eyes can be covered by the attached blindfold, while the mouth can be stuffed with a silicone gag. Use any combination of the gag and blindfold to give your partner the proper discipline.

The hood closes using three buckles and the collar buckle includes 3 D-rings so you can attach a leash or any item that you wish. The three buckles are all locking buckles so can ensure that your partner can't escape from the hood. The hood has comfortable internal lining for prolonged use and enjoyment. There is also a lace-up backing for complete adjustment and fitting to your partner's head.


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