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Romantic Sex Festival

When Halloween meets Romantic Intimacy Day, the magic of the night goes beyond just ghosts and wizards. Explore our specially curated intimate collection, ranging from classic favorites to bold novelties, each designed to surprise and delight you and your partner. On this evening, no matter if you want to be the lover in someone's dreams or wish to get a bit playful, we've got you covered. Intimacy isn't just about adding pleasure; it's about rejuvenating the bond between two people. This Halloween, forget the traditional frights and spooks and let us take you into a whole new world of romantic magic. Heat things up in love and ignite the flames of passion!

Designed specifically for those with an armpit fetish, this male masturbator allows you to experience the genuine fe..
HK$ 1,588.00
Experience AVA Smart Wand Massager, featuring DirectPower 2.0 technology for precise stimulation and dual-layer sili..
HK$ 680.00
The EVE Oral Pleasure Vibrator from ZALO's Aurora series provides an extraordinary intimate experience. Designed to ..
HK$ 680.00
Indulge in the allure of exclusive, massive breasts! Utterly astonishing, surpassing all standards! This mammoth bre..
HK$ 1,398.00
Japan's renowned adult product brand, TENGA, once again pushes the envelope of creativity by launching the all-new "..
HK$ 1,999.00
Voluptuous Body with Powerful Breasts! A Black Gal's Body That Embodies Every Man's Dream.This black gal's body feat..
HK$ 600.00
Easy to hold and heavy-duty, the Super Denma 10 Vibrator Black is a great addition to your self-pleasure and partner..
HK$ 688.00
Buta Kunni Pero Pero Licking Pig Tongue Vibrator
Back Soon
Have you ever seen a vibe toy like this?! The Buta Kunni Pero Pero Licking Pig Tongue Vibrator is a unique..
HK$ 298.00
With love and freedom, TENGA Robo sets off for the cosmos. The pal in your pocket TENGA Robo is ascending to new he..
HK$ 488.00
This unique LED light is made in the shape of TENGA's most popular VACUUM CUP masturbation cup. It is a limited spec..
HK$ 138.00
The Geki-fera Tsubasa Hachino Blowjob Onahole is a mouth-style masturbator based on the Japanese adult vid..
HK$ 268.00
The Geki-fera Ichika Matsumoto Blowjob Onahole is a mouth-style masturbator based on the Japanese adult vi..
HK$ 268.00