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Rends Refreshing Shower Wet Wipes

Rends Refreshing Shower Wet Wipes
Rends Refreshing Shower Wet Wipes
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  • Rends   型號 745852

Rends Japan focuses on every detail of intimate life, and this product is the best example.

When you open the aluminum package, it emits a sweet scent:  unique fragrance of LANVIN perfume is pleasant with a touch of fragrance.

As the name suggested, it is mainlly used for foreplay, use these wet tissues to wipe the sensitive areas of each other!

100% natural 3-layer mesh is durable and soft. Even when wiping around pubic hair and touching sensitive areas, it feels very soft to use.

Contains eight botanical ingredients that are good for the skin, such as persimmon astringent extract and peach leaf extract (commonly used in deodorant products) as well as chamomile flower extract and Saint Johns wort flower extract which are good for the skin. In addition, since it is weakly acidic and non-alcoholic, anyone can use it with confidence.

If put in a bag or in a car, it can handle sudden date invitations and sudden love opportunities, and is much smarter than using ordinary wet paper towels. It can be used not only for deodorization before sexual intercourse, but also to wipe off sweat, juice, etc. cleanly after sex.

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