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Puni Ana DX Kiwami

Puni Ana DX Kiwami
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Puni Ana DX Kiwami
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  • EXE   型號 019348
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As the Puni Ana series keeps expanding and evolving, fans of these amazing loli masturbators can have whatever their heart (and manhood) desires. Not only does the EXE's Puni Ana DX Kiwami give you two holes to choose from, her dual-structured vagina offers a realistic texture that feels like you are popping her cherry each time you use the toy. Her anal hole is an extremely tight, ribbed tunnel that makes a perfect complement to the pussy. Best of all, though, you will love squeezing and gripping her butt more than ever as you dive deep into her backdoor, while the inner gel layer makes it feel just like the real thing.

Puni Ana DX Kiwami |adult loving sex toys hk


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