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Pjur Desinfect Hand and Skin

Pjur Desinfect Hand and Skin
Pjur Desinfect Hand and Skin
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Alcohol-free disinfectant for hand & skin

Highly effective pjur disinfectant for skin and hands. Free from alcohol, perfume and microplastics. This product is skin friendly, pH-neutral, vegan and does not dry out the skin. Designed to meet the highest personal hygiene standards – Made in Germany. Registered in line with Germany's Biocide Notification Ordinance.

Highly effective, hygienic disinfectant

Effective in 30 seconds, non-sticky

Free from alcohol, very skin friendly

Instructions for use: To hygienically disinfect your hands, apply at least 3 ml of the disinfectant onto the dry palms of your hands. Rub evenly into your hands for at least 30 seconds. Do not wash off.


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