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Nama bare body 03

Nama bare body 03
Nama bare body 03
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  • A-ONE   型號 994422

A new family was added to Onahooru "Nama bare body" which seemed to just pick up Hi meat Series. Nama bare body 03 completely reproduces the rich sexual feeling of the refined woman in good time to eat. The given touch that I can taste at the time of the insertion is a word of the highest point.

Because it is two levels of molding, can enjoy the Nama Hi sexual feeling that there was to the full. Be the Onahooru which is the kindest in a sticky feeling when I touched it, the Series which made much of a feeling softly wrapped up at the time of the insertion.

[SOFT TYPE] Nama bare body 03 softens outer material to reproduce the rich sexual feeling that it was said that it is sticky.


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