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NEMO Rotor Vibrating Egg Pink

NEMO Rotor Vibrating Egg Pink
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NEMO Rotor Vibrating Egg Pink
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"New Remote Egg Rotor", cute pink color is fresh, it is also small vibrator.

There are 10 different vibration patterns. Rather than the great difference between "New Remote Egg Rotor" the intensity of the vibration, not feel big advantage that exceeds existing products in both function and performance.

However, the remote control, such as a leaf design and easy to handle one-button easy to fit in anyone's hand. Since wireless is very convenient to use even when the woman alone, you might gaining popularity as a "sex toy stylish."

This quietness did you admire. Motor sound is also surprisingly quiet extreme vibration pattern, so enjoy outdoor play boldly even if it is this. It is also useful where immediately wash dirty because life waterproof.


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