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My Size Condoms 64mm 10pcs

My Size Condoms 64mm 10pcs
My Size Condoms 64mm 10pcs
有現貨  可使用 4900 積分購買
  • My.Size   型號 830168
  • 保質期至: 07-2024

Condoms made by My.Size provide a safe and natural feeling. The comfort and the sensual intensity is very highly rated by many condom users. The assurance of using MySize is that the condoms will fit perfectly. This means that the condom does not slip off, or around, during intercourse. My.Size condoms are available in seven sizes from 47 to 69 mm width. The perfect Fit and incredible natural feel leaves MySize Condoms in a league of their own.

Nominal width: 47mm-69mm

Length: 160mm-223mm 

Material: natural rubber latex

Form: cylindrical

Lubricant: silicon

Reservoir: yes

Wallthickness: 0,06mm

Quality: ISO 4074, CE0197

adultloving|My Size Condoms in 7 Sizes 10pcs


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