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Finger skin DX G3 finger condom

Finger skin DX G3 finger condom
Out of Stock
Finger skin DX G3 finger condom
Out of Stock
Finger sack of love goods which makes petting even more pleasant is "Finger Skin Deluxe".

Is its fingertip clean?
Many germs adhering to the fingertips are invisible to the eyes.
Dirty, abrasion cuts, sharp edges of nails, adornments of nail art.

The fingertips touching various objects are actually very unsanitary even if they look beautiful ....
Touching the delicate zone with such a fingertip is hygienically NG.

"Finger Skin DX" is a finger direction sack that protects delicate zones from unsanitary fingertips.
You can enjoy fingerpetting with confidence while keeping the cleanness firmly.
In addition, as you can satisfy as love goods, with pleasure protrusion!

"G-3" is a special model with a wartsboot seat and a G spot capture process.

It's okay with a sitting hygienically uneasy because it's just opened and worn.
Keep it clean everywhere anytime.
It is sanitary and secure, and it is a love medical item that makes you feel very comfortable.

★ Open only as much as you want, hygienic 1 piece by piece packaging type
★ It's safe to be safe, complete sterilization specification
★ I do not feel uncomfortable, thinness 0.06 mm
★ It does not fall off, it is perfect fitting design
★ Do not hurt your skin, with gentle jelly
★ Includes plenty of 6 pieces
★ You can use it not only for your fingers, but also for rotors etc.

Finger skin DX G3 finger condom


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