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TAURIX Extra Strong

TAURIX Extra Strong
TAURIX Extra Strong
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TauriX extra strong is the cream for the penis and the testicles containing Taurine and Muira Puama. Precious active substances which feed so vigorous the influx sanguinio to your genital. Will make your relationship more powerful and durable. Apply an amount equal to a cherry on the penis and the testicles and to absorb massaged gently. Cream in 40 ml tube

Penis Cream!

The penis cream with taurine and genuine extract of bulls testicles!

Bosts your masculinity;

Enhances the blood circulation of penis and testicles;

Revitalizing and nurturing;

Stimulates the intensity and strength of erection;

Cares for your skin to support vitality and endurance;

Enjoy a fulfilled sexuality and a great sense of wellbeing.

Ingredients: Potency wood, Panax Ginseng extracts, Taurine, Cera Alba, etc.

Application: Apply a pea-sized amount of TauriX into the penis & testicles and massage it gently until the cream is absorbed.

Taurix extra strong is not meant to be used simultaneously with condoms. Condoms should not be used for at least 30 minutes after the cream has been fully absorbed. 

40 ml tube. Use it within 12 months after opening.

Note: Effectiveness may vary to different persons


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