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JEX 迷人凸點安全套 8片裝

JEX 迷人凸點安全套 8片裝
JEX 迷人凸點安全套 8片裝
Available Online   可使用 4000 積分購買
  • JEX   型號 030692


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This is a special strawberry parfait scented condom. Natural latex with gel top design, releasing the air from the receptacle is not required.- specia..
HK$ 38.00
JEX Super Dots - Hot Type
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jex super dots brings you a brand new studs experience and excitement!it is made of high quality latex ans the shaps is specially designed bases on me..
HK$ 78.00
Jex Glamorous Butterfly - Hot Type This condom has a special lubricant that turns warm when gets in touch with moist. With jel top design. -..
HK$ 38.00
This condom has extra lubricant for more comfort with jel top design.- Extra lubricant- Jel top designMade in Japan..
HK$ 38.00