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EXE Ona-Wash Onahole Shower Cleasing Head

EXE Ona-Wash Onahole Shower Cleasing Head
EXE Ona-Wash Onahole Shower Cleasing Head
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  • EXE   型號 572462
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Super simple! Just change the head of the shower head! The ona-wash is a special cleaning shower nozzle specially designed for cleaning the stains in the onahole / meiki vagina. It can be easily installed without any tools. Use water pressure to wash clean without damaging the channel in the onahole.

Discharge water in 6 directions so that every corner can be perfectly cleaned. The nozzle length is 14.5cm, even the deepest part of a large onahole can be cleaned.

In order to make the water in the onahole easy to flow out, a nozzle with a diameter of only 1.5cm is designed!

Please note: If it is a lightweight onahole, the water may not easily flow out and cause the inside of the onahole to expand. According to each different type of shower head, you may need to install some accessories yourself to meet the use of this nozzle.

Not suitable for some shower models connected with water pipes.

Since the coating is easy to peel off, please be careful not to contact this product with hard objects.

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