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EXE Gimmick Kari Rich

EXE Gimmick Kari Rich
EXE Gimmick Kari Rich
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  • EXE   型號 019966
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The Gimmick-kari-rich Onahole promises intense pleasure thanks to the overwhelming number of consecutive ridges it boasts inside. Designed to stimulate you to orgasm in next to no time, this masturbator focuses the attention on your glans, with each fold catching against the head of your cock as you thrust. Shrinking down a horny schoolgirl's body to a size manageable with one hand, this fetish toy looks a little different to many other masturbators, adding a strong visual aspect to the pleasure it gives you.

adult loving|EXE Gimmick Kari Rich - Slutty schoolgirl miniature torso masturbator


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