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EXE Piston Vibration Hole

EXE Piston Vibration Hole
EXE Piston Vibration Hole
Available Online   可使用 49000 積分購買
  • EXE   型號 137197

Masturbation is great but things feel even better when you use a powered toy. The Piston Vibration Hole is not only powered, it offers two rings that spin and a piston motion that rocks your penis to climax. With seven piston patterns and seven "agony vibration" patterns, there are 49 possible modes to explore with this versatile toy. Unlike other powered masturbators, this one is suitable for levels of experience, including complete beginners, because all the fun is controlled by just three simple buttons. The smoothly and realistically textured inner sleeve (which features bumps on all sides) is removable and washable, plus is very stretchy and made of durable elastomer. The power unit is easily rechargeable by USB (so cables don't get in the way during your sessions), and the whole thing is light to hold in your hand.

Piston Vibration Hole - Adult Loving


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