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Bathmate MaxOut Jelq Serum

Bathmate MaxOut Jelq Serum
Bathmate MaxOut Jelq Serum
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  • Bathmate   型號 200505
  • 保質期至: 03-2022

Made with Testostomax™, MaxOut is a unique blend of 23 components designed to boost the male libido. Bathmate Max Out "Jelqing Enhancement Serum" sets the standard against which all other Jelqing Serum will be judged. Check more info on how the jelqing serum actually works. Bathmate development engineers have worked tirelessly to ensure that only the finest quality ingredients are used in the final formulation. 

There’s a few key ingredients that make our jelqing serum uniquely successful:

Collagen: Adding a new level of elasticity to the skin, while helping to restore and replace dead skin cells, collagen helps make the penis more susceptive to the jelqing exercise.

Butea Superba: Traditionally considered an aphrodisiac, Butea Superba may not necessarily get you in the mood, but as a proven natural PDE-5 inhibitor, it does reverse damage to the penis’ tissues, enhancing erection quality.

Ginseng: Another traditional aphrodisiac, we use Ginseng in our Max Out Serum to help alleviate tiredness, a key factor in maximising erection size and quality, as well as for its potential to improve overall endurance.

Caffeine: Used to help maximise absorption of the Jelqing Serum into the skin, caffeine also has a range of positive effects (ask any coffee fan), helping to reduce tiredness, improve blood flow and enhance athletic performance.

Bathmate MaxOut Jelq Serum


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