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Hybrid Bakunyu-chan Paizuri Bust and Holes

Hybrid Bakunyu-chan Paizuri Bust and Holes
Hybrid Bakunyu-chan Paizuri Bust and Holes
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Perfect if you can't decide if you love breasts or pussy more, the Hybrid Bakunyu-chan Paizuri Bust and Holes features a realistic vagina integrated between the two breasts, letting you smoothly switch from a titty fuck to a pussy fuck. To take things to an even higher level, you'll find a perfect little butthole below the pussy, leading to a tight back passage that's begging for a hard plugging. And to cap it all off, there's a 12-pattern vibrator included, for an extra dimension of pleasure.

adult loving|Hybrid Bakunyu-chan Paizuri Bust and Holes


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